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High demand and remunerative prices have motivated investors to take up Sandalwood Cultivation. Lahari Projects has ethically designed partner offers to suit your investment budget. Investment for you and your loved ones secure future.


We offer scientific crop management and consequent healthy growth of the Red Sandalwood Plantation together with robust security to the farmland.

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World's most popular & costliest wood as sandalwood. Sandalwood is widely known as CHANDANAM, SRI GANDHAM in south and CHANDAN in the north. Sandalwood tree is called as "WOODEN GOLD".

Red Sandalwood Cultivation is having very high demand worldwide & the trees will grow only in South India. Recent auctions of A.P. Govt. shows its demand worldwide. Red Sandalwood, by doing systemic and organized cultivation for 12-15 years, we can achieve an optimum output of Heartwood. Our company will maintain these cash crop for the entire period of 12-15 years without any further investment from the customer and after harvesting, the profits will be shared on 50:50 ratio in between the investors and company. Sri Gandham Plants are popular and has excellent commercial value in the market.

Who We Are

Lahari Sandalwood Farm Lands and plantation in Vijayawada is a leading player in the sandalwood industry and is the largest cultivator of sandalwood.

Our Vision

To meet the rising demand for Red sandal. To promote research and develop new methods in the Sandalwood Cultivation. To create awareness in investors of the huge investment potential of plantations

Our Mission

Bring prosperity and happiness to all. Create awareness about Red Sandal Plantation and environment. Encourage green environment and green income. Generate additional income by the sale of “carbon credits”


You get a 50% share in the returns/profits generated by the Red and White Sandal Plantation. Beneficially, you get your 50% with least involvement at any stage of Red sandal farming.

  • Although there are various investment options, after meeting Lahari projects I came to know that investing in land is considered to be the safest choice. Thanks to Lahari Projects who motivated me to make the right choice at the correct time. I also embraced the concept of going green that is one of the primary features of Lahari project.
  • After a lot of brainstorming, I approached Lahari projects and bought Sri Gandham Plants with Lahari projects. The process of registration was done easily and quickly within a short time.
  • By investing in Sandalwood Cultivation I got 3 times more of what I invested. What more you want. The benefits they offer are also immense.